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Team Blubee

team blubee writing performant mobile software applications with functions

Front End Software Engineer

Team Blubee has not only designed and implemented front facing features for clients of all sizes. This included building custom frameworks and libraries that supported a wide-range of features from the simple to very complex for my clients. Responsible for writing fast and robust web based applications supported by client side code all while being able to rapidly prototype and refine as the scope of the project changes. Optimize web applications to maximize speed and scale.

Back End Software Engineer

Working individually on a project or a part of a large team I have the experience and technical know how to not only be the designer, architect and coder for projects of all sizes and complexity levels. Whether I'm at the helm leading a project or being a part of a team where making sure that the product is completed on time, I am a dynamic and able to effective play my role to ensure that we overcome all obstacles that might come up during development. I take great pride in my work and make sure that all products that are delivered are of the hightest quality and standards.

Mobile Games Software Engineer

Team Blubee have always loved the challenge of doing something with limited resources. This is one of the main reasons why I love mobile software engineering. Mobile devices are typically limited by power requirements, memory requirements, storage space or network bandwidth. Working within these predefined limits allows you to push the limites of your imagination and skill for developing simple or comples applications that will run in a performant way on these devices with limited resources. In the past I have developed mobile applications for Android, iOS and the Blackbery 10 platforms.

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Blubeegan - Plant Based Culinarian

What is a culinarian?

A culinarian is a person skilled in the preparation of food. Team Blubee excells in creating amazing dishes with unprocessed plant materials, because scientific study after study has shown that a diet with heavy processed foods is a leading cause of many health risks.

Why only plant based foods?

I am a plant based culinarian because I enjoy making foods that do not contain any animal products but in indiscernible to the even the most picky eaters and food critics. My dishes are 100% hand crafted with care down to the finest details. Not unlike my software development skills I strive for the best when creating dishes for myself or my guests. That I'll share with my you; all the visitors who stop by my blog
blubeegan the plant based culinarian that creates amazing dishes that's hearty and tasty!
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Learning Traditional Chinese Is Easy With Blubee

Yea! That's right, learning to read, write and speak Traditional Chinese is not only easy but fun. Don't believe me? Hear me out. The Original Blubeegan speaks from personal experience, check out below.

I've had the pleasure to live in Taiwan for quite a few years now and while many people say Chinese is a difficult language. I couldn't disagree with that statement more! Sure Traditional Chinese takes a different mindset to to understand, saying it's hard because it's different is just being lazy.

If you've tried to learn Mandarin in the past and failed, don't worry, you didn't fail, you just took a little break. You've found the right place to hop back on the wagon and get your Chinese in order. I've only formally studied Mandarin for about a year and half and now I am able to live here without any serious problems.

If you would like to improve your Traditional Chinese, check out the blog posts that I've created for you. It's very easy and I'll provide simple building blocks to accelerate your Chinese proficiency.

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Blubeetz Feel The 80's Nostalgia

A Little Artsy

I've always been an artist, from a very young age. As life went on I had to put it to the side for a little bit while I worked on stabilizing myself. I realized now that art is stability. I'll be sharing art, music and just my creative side here with you. Stay tuned for more.

Sounds That Move You

Being somewhat of an 80's baby I grew up on crazy cartoons like Silverhawks, Thundercats, G.I. Joe and all those awesome cartoons of the 80's. I didn't know it back then but also those cartoons had amazing synth inspired sound tracks and scores. Those sounds are the inspiration for me to create awesome music today.

Blubeetz Multimedia

This is a section where I'll just add all types multimedia. Anything that I feel is creative but can't quite find the right place to put. I'll just go ahead and drop it here. Stick around for awesome artwork, music, and like I said 'creativity'.